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Multi-Building Discounts

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Professional Non-Rated Structures

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Looking to get your farm up and running?  These packages include 24'x96' Fully Braced Kits in multiple numbers to enable sales at a discount while providing a fully braced structure and professional grow environment!


  • ALL 1 3/8" diameter  galvanized steel tubing (hoops/bows) 

               4’ hoop spacing with 12 ft ceiling 

  • Ground stakes-1 3/8" steel

  • 3 steel purlins 

          Stretch the full length of the greenhouse

          Offers connection points for all hoops

  • Wind braces  

  • Clear, 6 mil, 4 year poly film (Covers top and both ends)

  • Hardware for attachments

  • Cross bracing on every hoop 

  • Wiggle wire channel for base and end walls

  • Shipping to the YRC Freight Terminal nearest to you

Shipping Information:

We offer FREE terminal to terminal shipping (*Continental US only).  We use freight terminals in order to ship to the terminal nearest you for pickup at no additional cost to you.  Your greenhouse will arrive on an 8 ft long x 4 ft wide x 3 ft tall pallet (larger buildings will have two pallets). The terminal will load the pallet onto your trailer for you.  The steel is bundled so that it may be hand-unloaded upon reaching your final destination.  

We use two of the largest freight companies for shipping so we have hundreds of terminals to choose from! You can find your nearest fright location by contacting us at 417-350-8979 or by clicking the terminal locator links below:



What's not included in our kits:

  Ground cover (in picture) and 2x4s for the perimeter base and end walls

End walls are available for your customization.  Drive through doors, windows, or solid, kits can be adapted to fit your specific needs.

Add Reduced Gear Roll Up Side Walls-Click HERE!

Ready to Buy?   Click HERE!



TWO 24'x96' Fully Braced Kits

(4,600 sq. ft.)



THREE 24'x96' Fully Braced Kits

(6,900 sq. ft.)



FOUR 24'x96' Fully Braced Kits

(9,200 sq. ft.)



Need more than four greenhouses? Please contact us for a quote at:


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