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Customer Satisfaction is Everything

At Greenhousekits1 we pride ourselves on helping our customers find the right fit for their growing goals as well as their budget.  We know that choosing a greenhouse or high tunnel can be a bit overwhelming and we understand that purchasing a greenhouse or high tunnel is a big investment. This is why we work so hard to stay with our customers from the early planning stages until their greenhouse or high tunnel is up and running (and even after that for many!).  When our customers are happily growing in their new building, then we've done our job.  But don't just take our word for it; below are just a few testimonials and projects from some of our happy customers over the years! 

Purchased: Seven 24x96 Four Season Greenhouse Kits

Ahava Farms-Colorado Springs, CO


Tell us your thoughts regarding this product: Love it.  The assembly is clear. The bracing, the design...everything about this kit is as good as any of the more expensive ones (if not better!).


Please tell us your thoughts regarding our customer service.  This is the best part about this company.  Whether it is the personalized technical support during construction, or the guidance well after the purchase, Shawn is extremely accessible.  


Any additional thoughts or comments?

 Love this company and I am looking forward to partnering with them for years to come for many more greenhouses!

Purchased: 24x96 NRCS High Tunnel Kit

Alan-Aurora, CO

Tell us your thoughts regarding this product:  A high quality, custom, made in the USA, complete package.


Please tell us your thoughts regarding our customer service. A++++, I am a novice Veteran Farmer.  Shawn and his wife Laurie responded to all of my calls in a prompt and timely manner.  No question was left unanswered and I had a lot of them through the entire process of receiving and building my greenhouse.  Shawn and Laurie are awesome, good, genuine people.  I would recommend them and their products to anyone.


Any additional thoughts or comments?  I wish every business I dealt with was as squared away as GreenhouseKits1 is.  It was rally a pleasure dealing with them from A to Z.


Purchased: 24x60 NRCS High Tunnel-I comparison shopped with several companies and Greenhousekits1 was the most reasonable.

Karen-Oak Creek, WI


Tell us your thoughts regarding this product:  The construction was straight forward.   The instructions and video were very helpful.  This last week we experienced very high winds (45mph) in the state of Wisconsin.  The greenhouse was unfazed.  

Please tell us your thoughts regarding our customer service: The Stowers were super responsive to our order and our questions.  We received our greenhouse within 10 days of ordering.   If we decide to put up another greenhouse, we will definitely order from Greenhousekits1! 


Any additional thoughts or comments?  I own a floriculture business.   This greenhouse will hold over 100 hanging baskets.   I also have three rows of benches 4' wide that run the length of the house.  This structure will hold a lot of plants without feeling crowded.

Purchased: 24x48 Fully Braced Greenhouse Kit

Patrick-Tonawanda, NY

Tell us your thoughts regarding this product: 

I have been extremely happy with the whole process of buying/building this greenhouse kit. The price was the best I could find. The quality of all components as well as packaging was spot on. Extra components were bountiful. Instructional video was simple and easy to follow (I did need to re-watch a few parts - lol)


Please tell us your thoughts regarding our customer service. 

 Customer service has been stellar - every time I have called (4 or 5) Laurie has answered and handled any questions or redirected me to Shawn who clarified anything/everything - gotta love a family business!!!!


Any additional thoughts or comments?

I wont even be looking anywhere else when its time for my next greenhouse!


Purchased: 20x48 NRCS High Tunnel Kit

Mikki-Albuquerque, NM


I am the happy owner of a Hoophouse, (high tunnel), which I purchased from Shawn and Laurie Stowers, owners of GreenhouseKits1.

I was blessed to have received a grant from USDA's NRCS program. I started my project around the same time COVID-19 hit. As I searched for the kit I would purchase, I encountered an escalation in the price of steel and in shipping. 

The NRCS kit offered by GreenhouseKits1 was affordable and the shipping to the freight company was included in the price!

All materials received from GreenhouseKits1 were high quality, and in compliance with the USDA's requirements. 

The instructions provided, which included a written packet and a step-by-step video describing the assembly, were detailed and guided my crew through the process of putting the kit together.

The few times I found it necessary to reach out for information, Shawn and Laurie were quick to respond with the information I was requesting.

Upon inspection by my NRCS representative, the kit and it's installation was approved and we are now preparing for our first growing season in our “Hoopla House”.

Much gratitude to Laurie, Shawn and Greenhousekits1 for the high quality, easy to assemble and affordable cultivating space.

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