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Created from UV protected, woven polyethylene fibers, this fabric is perfect to help prevent unwanted weeds while still being permeable and allowing water to drain. No need to add toxic chemicals to keep out the weeds!


Using landscape fabric can help you keep your grow space organic by preventing weed growth without adding harmful chemicals.


Because our fabric is derived from a strong woven polyethylene, it doesn’t unravel and prevents rips and tears.


UV protected to withstand direct sunlight.


Additional Benefits of Using Ground Cover

By adding ground cover to the base of your plants and shrubs, you will not only help them to retain moisture, but heat as well. The black color of the ground cover works to absorb heat during the day and hold it into the night, helping to keep your space warmer and your plant roots warmer as well.


We offer a variety of sizes to fit whatever area you need to cover. Keep in mind that when laying fabric in strips, you will want to account for a little bit of overlap, so don’t order the exact amount of fabric for the space, get a little extra.



Ground Cover/Landscape Fabric/Weed Barrier

  • Any order cancelled prior to ship out will be provided a full refund.   

    Any item returned after receipt is subject to a 10% restocking fee.

  • This item ships direct from our supplier to your property.

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