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Frame Only Kits


The above picture is a 20x60 kit that has not been covered

Sometimes a cover for your greenhouse just isn't needed, or a different cover would be better suited to your goals.  If you would prefer a solid, steel fully braced structure without the film, then these are the packages for you! We are happy to help you find the cover that will work best for your needs as well, whether it be shade cloth, white film, or a woven option.  We have had customers use our buildings for everything from storage units to chicken coops!  Feel free to contact us for help.  



  • ALL 1 3/8" diameter, 16 gauge,  galvanized steel tubing (hoops/bows) 

  • Ground stakes-1 3/8" steel

  • 3 steel purlins 

          Stretch the full length of the greenhouse

          Offers connection points for all hoops

  • Wind braces  

  • Hardware for attachments

  • Cross bracing on all interior hoops

​What's not included:

  • 2x4s for the perimeter base and end walls

  • Greenhouse film​/cover

  • Wiggle wire and channel

*Shipping Information:

We offer FREE terminal to terminal shipping (*Continental US only).  We use freight terminals in order to ship to the terminal nearest you for pickup at no additional cost to you.  Your greenhouse will arrive on an 8 ft long x 4 ft wide x 3 ft tall pallet. The terminal will load the pallet onto your trailer for you.  The steel is bundled so that it may be hand-unloaded upon reaching your final destination.  

We use two of the largest freight companies for shipping so we have hundreds of terminals to choose from! You can find your nearest freight location by contacting us at 417-350-8979.

                        PRICE LIST

                    16 x 16       $1250

                    16 x 20      $1450

                    16 x 24      $1650

                    16 x 28      $1850

                    16 x 32      $2100

                    16 x 40      $2450

                    16 x 48      $2850

                    16 x 60      $3150

                    20 x 20     $1475

                    20 x 24     $1675

                    20 x 32     $1975

                    20 x 40     $2550

                    20 x 48     $2850

                    20 x 60     $3050

                    20 x 80     $4350

                    20 x 96     $4650

                    24 x 32      $2175

                    24 x 40      $2750

                    24 x 48      $3050

                    24 x 60      $3250

                    24 x 80      $4650

                    24 x 96      $4950

* PLEAST NOTE: When comparing prices with our competitors-we have our shipping price to your nearest shipping terminal built in, there are NO ADDITIONAL SHIPPING fees at check out. Most companies will add the shipping after the quote and there will be a large shipping fee at the end of your order. 


Add Reduced Gear Roll Up Side Walls To Any Kit-Click HERE

*Buyer must either pick up kit or make arrangements with the terminal within 1 day of being contacted from the terminal with notification that kit is ready. Not picking up kit within this time frame may result in late fees, storage fees, or ultimately return of kit to Greenhousekits1 at buyers’ expense. In this scenario, buyer will also be responsible for 20% re-stock fee and any damage occurred during travel back to Greenhousekits1.

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